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A frequent and significant contributor to many wedding planners and magazines, Arianne Malott (known as Tanya) is the only wedding photographer whose work and own wedding in Italy were published in “Town and Country” Magazine, Town & Country’s “Elegant Weddings” and “Vera Wang on Weddings”. She was a primary contributor to “A Perfect Home Wedding”, Town & Country’s “Elegant Weddings” (Hearst, 2001), and “Vera Wang on Weddings” (Harper Collins, 2001).

She has photographed over 300 weddings in more than a dozen states and nearly as many foreign countries. Her work, like her presence at the wedding, is elegant and understated. Her photographs are penetrating, memorable, fresh and emotional. Tanya’s clients are always grateful for the unobtrusive and silent way she works as much as they are for the thousands of images she produces.

Her client list reads like a who's who in America and abroad-actors Teri Hatcher, Oliver Platt, the Mellon, Houghton and Auchincloss families, Mercedes heir Muck Flick- people who expect only the very best service and quality from a photographer. Tanya is the one they call not just once, but for years. She is the one they recommend to their friends and family. For fifteen years, her business has grown exclusively by word of mouth, all around the globe. Most of her wedding clients continue to call her to cover every significant family event. She has photographed pregnant women, newborn babies, annual family portraits, and everything from first to 70th birthdays. Tanya photographs only ten special weddings per year. Prices start at $9,750.

What clients and colleagues have to say about Tanya:

"Tanya is a top wedding photographer! She has the unique ability to capture subtle moments and natural beauty." -Halle Gaut, Project Manager, Vera Wang On Weddings

“One of the new photography’s most polished practitioners…her imaginative images should inspire you to reach for new heights in your own wedding photography. There is an undeniable sexiness to Tanya Lawson’s wedding photography- a direct result of her gift for capturing intimate moments that would otherwise go unseen amid the wedding whirlwind…Lawson’s patience and ability to blend into the background pay off in her photographs.” -Bride’s Magazine, August/September 1999

" Tanya, if this book is a success, it's because of talents like you." -Stacey Okun, author, Town & Country "Elegant Weddings"

“More than just a wedding photographer…a true artist who uses all her senses to capture unexpected moments.” -Paola Kusner, bride and U.S. editor, Zoom Magazine, www.zoom-net.com

Tanya Lawson makes sure the couples caught by her lens get the images that will remain in their memories for a lifetime…Her unconventional style requires a type of expertise and know-how not always found in professional wedding photographers.” -San Juan Star, August 22, 1999

Tanya Lawson doesn't just photograph an event. She captures things like mood and intention; emotions reflected in the flicker of a momentary glance -- the essence of what makes us unique.” -Mimi Hockman, Event Planner, www.mimihockman.com

"A visual book such as this depends upon the masters behind the cameras to bring its pages to life. The Perfect Wedding is the embodiment of their great talent.....I thank my very good friends (including) Tanya Malott Lawson...for photographing my ideas so lusciously." -Maria McBride Mellinger, author, "The Perfect Wedding"

"Tanya Malott Lawson introduced me to the world of weddings and has been a mentor, colleague, and inspiration as both photographer and bride" -Julie Skarratt, photographer, from "Weddings, The Spirit of Celebration"

"I LOVED working with Tanya! She's fantastic - she is professional and simply delightful to be with! She calms nerves and captures joy! Her eye is smart, creative, caring and ever present! I don't know how - but she seems to capture each and every moment with such emotion! We want to blow all of the photos up and feel the energy everyday!

During our 'wedding weekend' on the Almafi Coast, Tanya REALLY rose to the occasion...we went on hikes, boats, buses...she was there for it all..snapping away!

I can't imagine working with anyone else - and I wouldn't want to, I feel too comfortable with her - and so does my husband! We've already scheduled our maternity photos! I love her!" -Maggie Tiblier Pepper (Capri and Positano, Italy, 2003)