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About Us

Weddings are a time of happiness; celebration of the love between two souls. It was the designers honor when the bride and her family invited her to create a beautiful dress and be part of their happiness. Through all the wedding plans she gets a chance to enjoy and celebrate the upcoming, happy event together with the bride.

Tara Hari Haute Couture is a business with the highest level of couture design and couture techniques. A business with a commitment to fashion in its purest form. Commitment to the highest communication with the client, highest sewing quality and attention to the clients individuality.

When the designer is able to best understand the brides personality and desires she can then design and present to her exactly what she desires to see. And when the bride and designer smile from satisfaction, from fulfillment and from creative energy released then a perfect final couture product has been produced.

For Zeljka Sladovic, fashion designer and owner of Tara Hari Haute Couture, every bride is a different individual. Every bride is the "first inspiration" to the designer with her personality, individuality and sensibility. Every lace and every embroidery is sewn by hand, and with what is most important: the designer's heart. Dresses are made from the finest fabric with a totally unique design for the bride and can be ordered from any part of the world.

Your fitting done at Tara Hari Haute Couture isn't called a fitting but rather "tea with the designer." The bride is invited by e-vite for every fitting if she's agree so. Every meeting with the bride is one more opportunity to celebrate the upcoming event.

About the Designer~ Growing up surrounded by Roman and Habsburg architecture, historic and natural beauty of Adriatic Sea, designer Zeljka Sladovic sketched her first design for her sister Journal. In her late teens she designed as a free lance designer and fashion consultant for fashion magazines.

Her deep love for the art and crafts of luxury clothes, accessories and shoes is more than innate, it's unique. Her insistence upon the finest, luxury, unusual materials and fabrics and her obsession for quality and detail bring her two awards on the European Fashion Competition for young designers "Euro fashion" in 1970 and 1971.

Her achievements in fashion design have received a strong industry recognition with many applause for all collections presented on many fashion shows and trade shows in Europe and USA.

In 1998 she began her career as a fashion designer in USA designing for her business Tara Hari Haute Couture. In 2001 she graduated as the best student from the Art Institute of Colorado in Fashion Design with the Award Portfolio Par Excellence.

Since 1999 she is honored to be gold sponsor on the AIDS Benefit in Telluride. Her Goals: To establish a foundation for help for those in need and support talented children and adults all around the world. She dedicates 10 % of her profit to help those in need around the world.