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About Us

What is it?

  • Tattoo Camo is a specially formulated makeup which completely masks your tattoo.
  • A TC Kit consists of 2 parts: Camouflage Paste and Setting Powder. The Remover Tonic is optional.

What does it do?

  • The paste masks completely all colors of a tattoo.
  • The setting powder enforces smudge resistance.
  • The remover tonic effectively dissolves the coverage (paste and powder).

How does it work?

  • The highly concentrated paste forms a complete natural-looking cover which makes the tattoo invisible.
  • It is water resistant and ensures whole day wear.

How to match my skin tone?

  • Use 2 or more colors. 97% of TC customers achieve the best results using a combination of lighter and darker colors.

Does it rub off?

  • The setting power mainly prevents the paste from smudging. Just like with all makeups there is simply no 100% guarantee that nothing might rub off.

It was time to meet the future in-laws. My fiancé advised me to conceal my tattoo with her make-up. Did not work, could clearly detect that tattoo under the make-up. Found your website, bought Tattoo Camo . That stuff covers it up completely and even stays on the whole day. Even while sweating through that meeting AND in the Las Vegas heat. Jim Stevens, Las Vegas

I just got married. Have a lovely tattoo on my breast. But with my low-cut wedding gown it did not look classy. My friend gave me her Tattoo Camo. It matched my skin color so well, and nobody noticed my tattoo. I will send you a wedding pic as soon as I get them. Julia B.R. Allentown, PA

My mom said getting a tattoo would come back to haunt me. Well, she was right! A few years back when I started interviewing for a management position at big firms, I noticed more than one HR person staring at my wrist. I realized my dagger tattoo was not helping. I used Tattoo Camo on my next interview. Feeling more confident I got the position. Now I cover up with Tattoo Camo for work every day. This is a product worth using! Barbara Wilson, Chicago, IL

Yes, I am one of those guys with a tattoo with my ex-girlfriends name tattooed on my neck. Back on the dating circuit I cover it up with your product. Heck, I might have to use it till I find a girl with the same name! Chuck Clinton, Athens, GA

Hi, I do have acne scars and am not proud of it. I am a mother of teen-agers!! A bit of Tattoo Camo on my face and I feel 100% more confident. My teen-age daughter has a birthmark on her neck. She tried my Tattoo Camo, liked it a lot, but it was not exactly the right color. So, she bought a different shade. She mixes it with my shade on the birthmark to get the perfect color matching her skin color. You cannot believe your eyes, it looks so natural. Finally a happy teen-ager, thank you tattoo camo. Marcya (and Chrissy) Moore, Seattle, WA

My spider veins on my legs are “gone”. Thanks to your product I do not feel awful anymore when I wear shorts. Got 2 different shades because I tan nicely during the summer. I tell you a little secret: if the color is a bit too dark for your skin, apply some white body powder (talc/baby powder) as a setting powder. It really works! Celia Meckel, NY, NY