About Us

Your painting will be priceless! I will capture a very important moment in your life that will be recorded for your family history and will be enjoyed and treasured for generations to come as art in your home - an every day reminder of your special day. And surprisingly, compared with other wedding expenses, my fees are relatively modest, considering that you will have the paintings forever and that they are truly original and unique to you. 

On the day of the wedding, I will arrive 2-3 hours before the ceremony or reception to begin the painting. I will continue to paint as wedding guests arrive for 4 hours or more. Most of the painting will be created live at the wedding, so that you and your guests can be entertained by the creation process. I use Acrylic paint so there is no oder to worry about. After the wedding, I will bring the painting back to my studio to complete the final touches.  In approximately 3-6 weeks after the wedding date, you will receive a preview of your painting by email. At that time the painting can be shipped, or delivered for you and your family to appreciate for many years to come. Prints and greeting cards can be made of the finished painting as a keepsake for family and guests.