About Us

With over 14 years in the profession, Taylor Films of Creative Media Solutions has become the cornerstone of the Southern California wedding industry. Our work is distinguished by artistically framed camera angles and stylized editing techniques. Our innovative process allows us to create works that are contemporary, yet classic, and tailored to the individual traits of our clients. While most videographers offer simple wedding videos, we provide cinematic representations that bring your cherished memories to life.

Unlike many production companies in San Diego, we designate a minimum of two cameras for the ceremony and reception. We believe in a discreet, unobtrusive approach. While one videographer documents the occasion, the second professional covers the event from a photo-journalistic perspective. By combining these vantage points in the editing room, we produce a video that evokes all the precious moments of your day. To supplement the finished film, we provided all available footage to ensure that you have access to every shot we capture.

We believe that your video should be timeless, breathtaking, and uniquely yours. We are confident that you will be impressed with Taylor Films.