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About Us

Time is fleeting. Blink and you'll miss it. Whether it's the whirlwind of your engagement or the first dance at your wedding, it all goes by too quickly. That's why I take photographs. Moments caught on film live on - over weeks, months, years and even generations. Just a glance at a photograph and we are transported, not just to a sight we've forgotten but to a feeling we hoped we'd never forget. Photographs remember for us, much better than we could on our own.

My goal is to tell your unique wedding story through the photographs I take, as well as the techniques I use. My approach is unobtrusive and editorial, with just the right mix of beautiful portraits of you, your family and friends. This style allows me to document the real, unscripted moments that happen at your wedding, capturing true emotions and relationships, and enabling you to really enjoy every moment of your wedding day. The albums you receive after your wedding will allow you and your family to relive those moments, over and over again.

Time marches on. So stop it every once in a while.

"'A picture is worth a thousand words'...How is it that I cannot express in words how wonderful our wedding photos are? You did an incredible job and we absolutely LOVE them! You took the time to listen to exactly what we wanted, so in return that is what we got! You captured every detail just the way we remembered it, and can now remember it for a lifetime. You became part of the wedding itself, and blended in just like one of the family. We have found our photographer for a lifetime! Thank you, Teddi - THANK YOU, THANK YOU!" - Jon & Kerri Baer

"Hi Teddi, I just wanted to write to let you know how wonderful our wedding pictures are. There are so many pictures that perfectly capture the moment, we are truly amazed that you were able to document so many…All of our friends and family commented on how well you blended with the crowd and were not obvious when taking pictures. We really appreciate the work you did for us and will cherish the photos forever. We know we have found a photographer for life and look forward to having you document other special moments in our lives. Thank You!" - Don and Marna Carroll

"How do you thank someone who captured your one and only wedding day so perfectly as to capture everyone's individual personality as well as capturing the emotions of everyone there? We were so amazed at how perfectly you took our day and turned it into an album of memories to where we can look back at our album and remember the day as if it were yesterday. So many times we see wedding albums of other people and they are almost cookie cutter wedding pictures as if they were all at the same wedding! You made our album one-of-a-kind…We wouldn't have changed anything or asked for anything more." - Melanie Inglish and Denise Brewer

"Dear Teddi, I didn't get to properly thank you when you gave us the pictures so now I'm taking the time to do so! I was just so overwhelmed at how wonderful they are. I can still look at them today and think, "Wow, that's me?" For one of the first times in my life I looked beautiful and have to take a second look to be sure it's me. It was worth every penny I spent on them…Everyone who sees them are just full of praise and comments about how great they turned out, how vivid the color is, what a great eye you have and on and on. If only you could be present every time I open the album. Thank you, Teddi, for making me look beautiful and making my family and friends look just like that, family and friends. Since having a second wedding was so special for us and very personal, it has only been made more special by having you there and capturing our special time. From the bottom of our hearts, Teddi, thanks." - Marcie Kahler-Davis and James Davis

"You've by far exceeded the other photographers we've talked with - some times the prices compare, but the personality doesn't..." - Judy Newton & Joel Davis