About Us

Welcome !Choosing THAVMA for a short getaway, or for your holiday, you will discover a fantastic destination of stunning natural beauty that combines all the elements that will fulfill your dreams.Maroulas, is one of the finest historical villages in the majestic prefecture of Rethymnon , where our place is located.Thavma is characterized by its stunning views, offering visitors the unique opportunity to escape from their daily routine and experience happy moments with their family and their friends.Taste pure local treats, accompanied by home made wine.Enjoy your coffee or drink and "feel" the relaxing peace that surrounds our place, silence which is occasionally interrupted by the singing of the birds.Taste our hand made vegetable pies fried in pure olive oil, accompanied by home made Raki.In case you are charmed by all the mentioned above and want to stay, a wonderful apartment is at your disposal as you can see on our website !Our place THAVMA is only 15 minutes away from Rethymnon on the way to Maroulas from the western side.You are welcome !Maria Bounialetou