The Amazing Waiters

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The Amazing Waiters

...the most customizable Singing Waiter show in the United States.  The group can be augmented to as large as 5 performers and even more if you desire a "Flash Mob" effect! 

Each Amazing Waiter™ show is uniquely written to fit the theme and possible time constraints you have.  Our talented performers are all certified Broadway & Operatic stars from around the world, bringing an unparalleled performance element.  These stars then pose as general wait staff-dressed exactly like them, pouring water, wine and doing general services to give the impression that they are really part of the event.  When the time is right (usually during the dinner course), the performers go into action, and segue into a fully-scripted show, interacting and singing to your unsuspecting guests.  It is a tried and true ice breaker that creates conversation and excitement for the rest of your evening!

The Amazing Waiters™ are the perfect ice breaker!

Most of the time, weddings (big or small) bring people that don't know each other very well. The Amazing Waiter show has the ability to break the ice and segue into the rest of the evening without interrupting or interferring.
Becuase our Singing Waiter show is customizable, we can fit a show in the tightest of time lines. Maybe that speech went a little too long...We are there to help you.
We have worked with numerous wedding planners and mothers of brides. We know this is a special time for you...Let The Amazing Waiters™ alieviate some of your stress by performing a tried and true show that you will enjoy.

Show Options:

Two Amazing Waiters:

One of our signature shows, The Two Amazing Waiters consist of two guys, usually dressed in Waiter Attire or as Wait Staff (that is until dinner).  Then, during dinner, these two erupt into cleverly-scripted, customized shows that are specialized for you.
The guys sing on stage then go directly into the audience, talking, joking, laughing with and singing with your guests. You really don't know what's going to happen. Having trained at the famed Groundlings Studio in Hollywood, the guys have the training to take the show anywhere your guests take it. And what seems loose to them, is actually a carefully-scripted and rehearsed show, specialized to get a rise out of them!

Three Singing Waiters:

This show option has several variations. The most frequently requested is our three leading men option: Three singers, dressed as wait staff, pose as waiters, talk to your guests, maybe even pour a water or two...then at a predetermined time during the night (usually during the main course), we segue into your scripted show that features music sung by Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr. (The Rat Pack of the 1960s), top Broadway music then usually culminates in a blow-out-the-doors operatic aria that will leave your guests speechless. It's fun, entertaining and just the right length so you can keep good pace for the night.

Based in Orange County, California, The Amazing Waiters have over 15 years World-Wide experience in Wedding Entertainment and are happy to discuss your needs and budget.  See why everyone is raving about The Amazing Waiters!

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*The Amazing Waiters is the "sister act" of The Amazing Tenors -providers of specialized concert entertainment around the world.



Entree Entertainment - Specializing in Live Entertainment in Orange County and is the booking agent for The Amazing Waiters and The Amazing Tenors.


The Amazing Waiters™ are a live Wedding Entertainment act in Orange County that perform customized Broadway, Jazz and Operatic Singing Waiter shows.