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Cariblue Beach
Castries, Saint Lucia

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The BodyHoliday is an amazing St. Lucia resort experience that allows you to be as busy or as quiet as you want. A unique combination of one of the world's most beautiful islands, a resort that provides a luxurious and personal service, Wellness Centre treatments, an array of activities, and great restaurants and bars.


The BodyHoliday is an amazing St Lucia resort experience. It is a unique combination of one of the world's most beautiful islands, a resort that provides a truly luxurious and personal service, a Wellness Centre that provides a range of treatments that will leave you feeling alive and a range of activities that could keep you busy from dawn until dusk. On top of this we cater for every taste in food and drink with three great restaurants and relaxing bars. It is an experience that allows you to be as busy or as quiet as you want. It's your holiday; choose whatever you want to do.

Main attractions

  • Wellness centre: At the very core of The BodyHoliday’s offering is the Wellness Center. The Wellness Center has won many international awards, most recently, the readers of Condé Nast Traveller have voted it the Favourite Overseas Spa Retreat in the world for 2011. Guests receive an included treatment daily, excepting their days of arrival and departure. Additional treatments at the wellness center range from Ayurvedic therapies at our authentic Ayurvedic centre to beauty treatments at our Skin Clinic and so much more.
  • Cariblue beach: the resort sits on a secluded, crescent shaped beach. The palm trees that are dotted around the shore sway as the sea breeze gently wafts in from the Caribbean and there is a quiet relaxed air as the guests get down to the serious business of relaxation. Reading, listening to music, finding shapes in the odd cloud that skits past or simply enjoying a feeling of wellbeing
  • Activities: The BodyHoliday offers a number of land and watersports ranging from tennis and golf to waterskiing and scuba diving. Our guests can be as active or as relaxed as they wish!
  • Food & Drink: Great food and drink are central to our lives and not many things give us greater pleasure than a fabulous meal that is well cooked, using fresh ingredients and eaten in lovely surroundings. As good diet is one of our four pillars of wellbeing we are choosy about the products that we use. The quality of the food at our four bars and restaurants is important to us. It has to be fresh, beautifully prepared and where we can, we use locally grown products. We even have our own vegetable garden so that the food is as fresh as fresh can be.
Honeymoon Amenities

Rooms: The Penthouse Suite - A private entry staircase at the fourth floor leads to the only suite at the fifth level. Its open floor plan features a large living area and wet-bar and a free-standing wall unit divides the living and bedroom spaces. In the bathroom, sliding frosted glass doors reveal a bubble chandelier that floats above a soaking tub for two. This tub, which is elevated on a platform accented by custom-design mosaic tile, offers spectacular access to ocean views and surrounding living areas.

The Penthouse suite's piece de résistance is the private Hammam, which features a marble-slab heated massage bed, marble benches and walls of mosaic marble that gradually progress from dark chocolate and Emperador travertine to Thasos white at the peak of the LED-lit dome ceiling.  A steam room with mosaic curved bench and rain-head shower offer guests a unique in-room spa experience in their very own exclusive space.

Dining: Tao Restaurant - TAO is the jewel in the crown of The BodyHoliday's gastronomy. It was named by Condé Nast Traveller Magazine as one of the "60 Hottest Tables" in the world and has maintained its AAA Diamond Award since March 2007. It is known for its fusion of Eastern and Western cuisine and its stylish ambiance with an accent on art and music. Perched on a second-floor balcony at the edge of our Cariblue Beach, you're guaranteed a pleasant breeze and a starry sky while enjoying a delicious dining experience.

Spa & Massage: Honeymoon massage - This one hour session has been created to bring about an emotional and physical bond between partners to help them relax and banish stresses and strains. We teach you Swedish massage techniques that you can then use back at home.

Local Attractions

The Pitons: The Pitons are the most famous landmark of both St Lucia and the Caribbean, and have been declared a World Heritage Site. The Twin Mountains, Gros and Petit Piton, stand side by side on the island's west coast. Our tour ascends the majestic Gros Piton, the bigger of the two. At the summit, you will revel in the magnificent, breath-taking views.

Pigeon Island National Historic Park: Pigeon Island contains more history than any other part of St Lucia. Once the home of the Amerindians it has been both a pirate hideout and a military base. Today Pigeon Island National Historic Park is a popular destination for tourists as it offers a little something for everyone. Visitors can explore the ruins of the 18th century barracks alongside hunting for artifacts of the Arawak Indians who inhabited the island long before the French and English.

Rodney Bay Marina: Nestled on the north side of the island is Rodney Bay Marina, a premiere yachting destination. Considered one of the Caribbean's leading centers for yachting and sport fishing, Rodney Bay Marina offers yachters 232 slips and a 4.5 acre boatyard, as well as excellent accommodation for mega-yachts up to 200 feet with drafts of up to 14 feet - all in a well-protected hurricane-safe haven. Onshore, the world-class property offers an excellent recreational area with a swimming pool as well as outstanding retail, restaurant and entertainment options.