3010 S. 291 Highway Suite F
Independence, MO 64057
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About Us

The Bridal Kitchen, and it's owner Jacque Delmont, have been doing this type of business for 35 years.

The Bridal Kitchen is a full-service cake business that includes handmade cakes for all occasions: Wedding, Receptions, Showers, Parties, and Anniversaries. We offer many flavors to choose from: Traditional white, chocolate, strawberry, pound, spice, and many more.

Cakes are made in different sizes and shapes: round, square, oval, hexagon, heart, horseshoe and sculptured. We offer different varieties of frosting: chocolate, mocha, cream cheese. Cakes are iced and then designed with basket weave, lace work, sugarpaste flowers, fondant work, curtain work, frosting flowers, pearls, and lights.

The Bridal Kitchen is known for it's "elegant, custom designs and ....moist" cakes along with their outstanding personal service.

Jacque and the staff know there is nothing worse than going to a wedding or reception and having to eat dry, tasteless cake. That is why Jacque and the staff are excited to design a delicious cake totally for your special occasion, or you can choose from a proven winner from her many photo albums.