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"In times of pre-wedding stress disorders"

As we all know, the stress involved with a wedding can be entirely staggering. As a guy, an excellent way to escape from the reality of pre-wedding chaos is to treat yourself and your groomsmen to a couple of peaceful and recuperative hours at a luxurious, all men sanctuary located above the clouds in downtown's Seattle Tower.

At The Chairman enjoy a pleasurable and thorough massage to alleviate that undesired tension. Receive a manicure on those rugged hands to impress her with a handsome and soft touch. Cut and shape your hair into something striking. Also consider various types of skin care that will improve the quality of your skin for that big day.

It is easy to forget two vitals factors during pre-wedding lunacy: firstly, the wedding day is one of the most important days of your life, and secondly the pictures will last forever. Therefore, it is essential that on your wedding day, you look smooth while feeling confident for yourself and your bride.

Let The Chairman ease you into this life changing event in a cool, therapeutic fashion. Don't forget that men deserve consideration and attention, too.

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