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Have your event in history! For an event space that truly reflects the southern charm and unique history of the city of Memphis, there is no better location than the Cotton Museum at the Memphis Cotton Exchange. Located at the corner of Union Avenue and Front Street, this historic landmark sits in the heart of downtown Memphis, just two blocks west of the Peabody Hotel.

The Cotton Museum tells the amazing story of King Cotton here on the original trading floor of the Exchange. The trade floor was the heart of a regional economy, a crossroads for many cultures, and a place where fortunes were made and lost. Built in 1922, the Cotton Exchange Trade Floor features 3,200 square feet of gorgeous ornate 1920s architectural detail, 30 foot ceilings, and beautiful arched windows. The trading floor has enjoyed a full restoration and this once private club is now open for your guests to enjoy. The Museum space is the perfect venue for your private events, from rehearsal dinners to wedding receptions to birthday and Christmas parties. The room is tastefully put together and full of artifacts and memorabilia, leaving you with a small decorating budget. Complete with a catering kitchen and two large restrooms, it’s an ideal space for entertaining. The Museum also boasts the uncommon convenience of a parking garage next door.

The event staff provides all clients with packages tailored to suit their needs. For your convenience, we are happy to accommodate your requirements and work with other
vendors to make your event a success.

Unique, historic charm, an opportune location and reasonable rates make the Cotton Museum the perfect choice for your next event!



Frequently Asked Questions:

Where can my guests park?

There is a parking garage just two doors down from The Cotton Museum called "Parking Can Be Fun". Street Parking is also available most weekdays and weekends.


Can we use the lobby for my event?

Unfortunately, the lobby of The Cotton Exchange Building belongs to the tenants of the building; therefore we prefer to keep your event with in the museum. You’re welcome to use the gift shop, trade floor, exploration hall, and class room for your event.


How late can my event go?

Events can last for up to 8 hours. We do ask that your music is lowered and things begin wrapping up by 1:00 a.m.  We are happy to make exceptions, but we’d like to be considerate of the tenants in our building.


Does The Cotton Museum have chairs, tables, or linens available for my use?

The museum does have some rectangular tables and some chairs available for your use or for your caterer. We do not have round tables or linens available.


What are the rates to rent the Cotton Museum?

We have different rates. These depend on the time of year, the day of the week, and whether or not the museum will have to close for your event.


Can my event occur during regular Museum hours?

Yes, but renter will have to pay an additional fee to close the museum. This fee will vary depending  on the date.


Do I need insurance?

The Memphis Cotton Museum's insurance extends coverage to it's renters. The cost  of this coverage is included in your rental fee. We do require that your bartender is TABC certified.


Can I put up decorations?

One of the great things about renting The Memphis Cotton Museum is that the room already has colorful detail and beautiful architecture. You are welcomed to decorate the Museum as your decorations do no damage. If you do damage our historic venue or its exhibits, you will be billed for the cost of the repairs.


Is there a place where my party can change clothes?

Yes, we have two large bathrooms on the main floor.  Our class room, in the east wing of the museum, also makes a great staging area or bridal suite.  It is perfect for storing your belongings and changing clothes.


Can we move the cases in the museum?

Yes, most of the cases on the trade floor are moveable. The Cotton Museum staff will move the cases for you on the day of your event. Depending on your preference, we are also happy to leave some of them in place. We ask that guests never try to move Cotton Museum property on their own. A staff person is always available to do this for you.


How can your catering kitchen accommodate my caterer?

The Cotton Museum has a medium sized kitchen with a large double door refrigerator. We have two large dish sinks, a small hand sink, a small coffee maker, a coffee air pump, a microwave, and an ice maker that can produce two hundred pounds of ice.


What caterers can I use?

You are welcomed any caterer you like.  We are also more than happy to recommendations.  Our contract states that your caterer is responsible for trash removal and clean up of our catering kitchen. These responsibilities will ultimately fall on you as the renter of The Cotton Museum. Leaving our space dirty may result in an additional cleaning fee.


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