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Ponta do Ouro, Maputo Province 1000
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About Us

Bem Vindo!Welcome to the incredible world of The Dolphin Centre here, a moment below the surface of the ocean will remain with you for a lifetime. We invite you to join us in observing and interacting with the amazing dolphins of Ponta.The Ponta pod is truly remarkable group of dolphins that chooses to engage in human interaction. We have an incredibly special bond with a group of wild dolphins some resident and others transient to the area, with whom we socialize and have formed some profound bonds and inter-relationships. We hope to share this magical experience with you as we dance with the dolphins of Ponta. At the Dolphin Centre we aim to deliver the best possible experience when swimming with wild dolphins in their natural environment. Our dolphin swim programme combines a comprehensive dolphin behavioural introduction and regulated Swim Code of Conduct, created to ensure a sustainable eco-friendly approach. You can be rest assured that the best interests of both marine life and you are being catered for during your excursion.Our dolphin excursions range between 2 and 2,5 hours, with a pre-launch briefing on boat safety, marine life and responsible interactions. The trip includes snorkeling over one of our shallow reefs, in-water swim facilitation with one of our dolphin guides, and seasonal whale shark and humpback whale sightings. Dolphin in-water observations are not guaranteed due to sightings and the nature of the dolphins, and we do suggest booking more than one launch to have the opportunity to interact with our finned friends.• Launches are run daily and subject to group size and sea conditions.• Group size is limited to a minimum of 6 and a maximum of 12.• Booking in advance is essential • Snorkeling gear is included.Casual Dolphin Swim (1 dolphin excursion)• Adult: R350 / 1300 Mt per person • Under 12: R300/ 1150 Mt per child• Groups 10+: Less 10%• STO: Less 10%Dolphin Tour (3 dolphin excursions)• Adult: R1000 / 3675 Mt per person• Under 12: R850 / 3125 Mt per child• Groups 10+: Less 10%• STO: Less 10 Dolphin Retreats. We invite you to come dance with the dolphins for a life-changing experience that will stay with you forever. The Ponta pod is truly special group of dolphins that chooses to engage in human interaction. Book a 3 or 4 launch trip to get the full benefit of this amazing experience! This package is run over a few days and includes dolphin interactions, marine observations, educational lectures, pre-training snorkeling, accommodation (optional) and our finned friends gift pack. We also offer various packages catering for individuals, groups, holistic retreats, corporate functions and team building.• Pre-booking essential • Three early morning excursions, one of which being an extended launch time - covering a larger area & including refreshments.• Pre-launch briefing on ecology, boat safety, marine life and responsible interactions. • Comprehensive introduction to dolphin behaviour and our code of conduct.• In-water swim facilitation from one of our dolphin guides (if required).• Pre-training snorkeling introduction (if required)• Finned Friends Gift Pack.• Full use of snorkeling gear during your stay.Dolphin Retreat 3 launch package (4 days)• Adult: R1500 / 5250 Mt per person• Under 12: R1350 / 4725 Mt per child• Groups 10+: Less 10%• STO: Less 10%Dolphin Retreat 4 launch package (5 days)• Adult: R1780 / 6230 Mt per person• Under 12: R1600 / 5600 Mt per child• Groups 10+: Less 10%• STO: Less 10%Additional Excursions• R330 / 1215 Mt per person per excursionLOCATIONOur Dolphin Centre is located adjacent to Ponta do Ouro’s main campsite. The grey double storey building before the campsite boomgate. Here you are able to book your dolphin excursion and accommodation, or browse through our collection of informative marine life literature and visual material. Credit card facilities are available both visa and master card.BOOKING POLICY for both dolphin swims and retreats!All dolphin excursions are pre-booked in advance with full payment as confirmation. Please note last minute cancellations will not be refunded, as you are liable for the pre-booked amount of people. Our Dolphin Retreat group size is a minimum of four. Make sure when making a booking that you allow for unfavourable sea conditions and give yourself an extra morning for just in case. If however weather and sea conditions do not permit us to launch, we can either re-schedule, or if this is not possible, then Dolphin Centre Management will issue a refund. Due to the Rand Meticais exchange of the bank, prices on the credit cards can vary - please confirm before making payment. 10% commission is applicable to agents and tour operators.