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About Us

Accessories and gifts as individual as you.

In planning your special event your vision is reflected in every detail. You often try to balance two influences…

  • …The traditions of marriage, ceremony, union, family.
  • …The uniqueness that makes your event original and all the more memorable for you and your spouse, wedding party, families and guests.

If the selections of "off the shelf" gifts and accessories have left you uninspired, welcome to something entirely different… and as unique as you. Accessories and gifts individually custom crafted for you - and no one else…

Perhaps you are looking for an exquisite hand bag to complement your gown, accessories such as bridal hankies, ring pillows, or monogrammed gifts for the wedding party or guests.

Shannon Presson of The Elegant Stitch crafts custom and unique accessories and gifts that begin with you as the muse… much as a fine artist creates a portrait.

Her process is to understand who the individual is… what is her sense of style… what's endearingly important to her. (She's very skilled at subtly extracting that from you in a friendly, engaging conversation). She connects that uniqueness with your very special event through an exquisite, timeless piece.

As Here comes the Guide Weddings magazine observed: The results of Shannon's flexible and artistic approach are never less than stunning. Over and over, she fashions glittery, eye-catching handbags for any kind of celebration. In her hands, exquisite fabrics combine with stylish beads and fringe to become a practical accessory and a true memento.

Remember - every piece is individually created by hand exclusively for you.

You can begin with one of her previous designs and change it to reflect your intentions and vision. Or, you can just as easily start with an entirely new idea.

Shannon can work with anything on your wish list… She can use your own fabric or create fabric to match a special color. She can design embroidery that matches your flowers or the bridesmaids' dresses.

Design, fabric, embroidery, beads, monograms… each element is chosen to create an unforgettable piece for your special event… and to be a cherished memento long after.

If you knew there was a craftswoman who could create unique custom accessories and gifts that expressed your vision, joy and pride, would you choose to honor and celebrate your special event with them?
Now you know.

If you're looking to express your vision with distinctive accessories or gifts call Shannon right now while you're thinking about it.

You'll be amazed at what she can create for you. And you'll be delighted with the pride and joy you feel when others notice.

Call or email with your ideas. Also, feel free to browse and get inspired at www.theelegantstitch.com