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About Us

The Photo Beast

In the last 5 years Photo Booths have popped up all over St. Louis.  Not all St. Louis photo booths are the same.  We want to help you make the right choice when it comes to hiring a photo booth for your big event.

What's Included

  • We set up before your guests arrive and leave when the party is over. No hourly upsales.
  • Unlimited Sessions
  • Professional Automated Photo Booth with a DSLR Camera
  • Props
  • CD of all the photos taken at your event
  • Customized Prints
  • Customized Instruction Screen & Countdowns
  • Online Gallery
  • Strips or Postcard style prints
  • Booth Attendant


Don’t be fooled

There are plenty of fake photo booth companies in St. Louis. Commonly these photo booths are offered by wedding photographers who think they need to offer photo booth services to stay competitive.  A photo booth is a machine, an automated photo system, not a photographer with a printer.

I use this example frequently – A stranger walks up to you to take your photo, what do you do? Probably you’d give him a quick smile so he’ll stop making you feel uncomfortable.  A photographer’s “photo booth” commonly referred to as an open air booth is very similar to this. There’s a stranger, he’ll take your photo manually and print it for you.

There’s a few easy ways to tell the difference between a real photo booth and a fake one.

Is there a button?

If you hire a real photo booth, there will be a button.  Making your guests feel comfortable in front of the camera is important. You will get better pictures and they will use the photo booth more. Our photo booths have two buttons. One button for color photos and one for black and white.

Is there a curtain?

Privacy is important. If your guests feel like they’re being watched they wont be themselves. Our photo booth rentals include a fully enclosed booth for privacy.

To check our St. Louis photo booth availability fill out our contact sheet here.




I used The Photo Beast at my wedding 2 years ago and it was AWESOME!! I'd highly recommend them.

Mar 11, 2013

Greatest ever. Lots of fun and creates great memories

Mar 11, 2013