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About Us

I am the top JP in Connecticut. I perform quite a few weddings in New York, where I am also licensed. I am a non-denominational minister which allows me to perform marriages in most states.

As much as I would like to think it is because of my melodious voice, my popularity is  probably due more to a “quick to respond” personality and referrals from past couples. I am available 24/7 and am quick to answer the phone and respond to emails. I have a lot of experience so the wedding will go very smoothly due to my attention to detail. I get thank you cards all the time saying “Mary Pugh, You Made Our Day Special!!”.

I have been a Justice of the Peace since 2004. I became one to perform my son’s wedding to his beautiful and smart French bride. I performed my daughter’s wedding on 10/10/10 (turning down 23 other requests for that special day) to her smart and handsome husband.

I love making my couple’s wedding day even MORE special by providing a special customized ceremony that the guests can hear and enjoy listening to. It is relevant to the couple so the guests and family can feel the joy and emotional impact of the union. I have my own sound system and can bring music on my iPod. My various robes and stoles means I can match most wedding color schemes.  I take a digital video and pictures, which you receive within 48 hours.

I do weddings in Spanish, too!


Who am I besides Mary Pugh the Justice of the Peace?

I am a graduate with a MBA from Columbia University. I am a retired marketing professional.

  • Ally & Gargano Advertising – VP Acct Director
  • MasterCard – VP Global Promotions & Sponsorship
  • Guinness Beer – US Marketing Manager
  • Nestle – Product Manager (New Products)
  • American Home Foods – Product Manager
  • Ogilvy & Mather Advertising – Account Executive

I have traveled a lot for work and pleasure. I particularly love Italy, France, England and Hawaii.  I am drawn to beaches and love beach weddings.

My family includes two grown children and three smart and beautiful grandchildren. I had two Jack Russell Terriers. Now deceased but will always be in my heart, Cartman and Skyler.

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