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About Us

At The Spiraled Stem Floral Design, our mission is to surround you with flowers that are almost as beautiful as you are. You have chosen your groom, the date, your bridesmaids, the location, and maybe even your dress...

Now that it is time to choose your florist, you should meet The Spiraled Stem Floral Design!

I am Christine Saunders, owner of The Spiraled Stem Floral Design. I work personally with each of my clients to create the wedding day décor that will capture the imagination of the bride and groom and each of their guests.

As a sixteen year-old high school student who needed some spending cash, I answered a help wanted sign at the corner flower shop. I didn't know it then, but those two years of school nights and weekends planted the seed of what has become one of the great passions of my life. After graduating from college and getting a sensible job in my chosen profession, a help wanted sign in the window of a different corner flower shop beckoned, and my passion was rediscovered.

I worked a few holidays, took a class, covered some weekends at the shop. In 2001, my friend was getting married, and I offered to do her flowers. My wedding floral design career was born! Over the next two years, I did a few more weddings, received referrals from friends and guests, and had a handful of weddings under my belt before doing the flowers for...my own wedding! After the fabulous time I had during those few days, going back to the "sensible" career started to make less sense. Within six months, I launched The Spiraled Stem Floral Design and haven't looked back!

I love what I do, and my clients see that in me from the first inquiry all the way through the final thank you after the day has become a series of cherished memories. I truly enjoy creating designs that reflect each of my client's personalities, vision, and most importantly, love for each other. My clients choose me because they trust me, not only for my artistic ability but for my professionalism and responsiveness. If there is anything to worry about on your wedding day, it won't be your flowers!