Guillem de Castro 44, Left
Valencia, Valencia Province 46001
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About Us

The X-Door is the first "live" escape game in Valencia, one of the best things to do in Valencia. A new and unique way of fun and entertainment in Valencia, totally different to anything else. If you are from abroad and you don't speak Spanish, no need to worry. You do not need to know Spanish to play. Form a team of 2 to 5/6 persons (depending on the selected game) and come and play. We will lock you inside a room, we will start a countdown and you will have 60 minutes to find the way to escape. Cool, huh?. During sixty minutes you will have to search every spot of the room to find specific objects and clues, and you will be faced with many riddles, conundrums and puzzles that you must solve by working as a team and using your ingenuity and imagination. You do not need to be The Incredible Hulk or Spiderman to play. At The X-Door, physical strength or ability are not necessary. And if you are successful, before the time is up, you will find the way to open the door. But guess what? It is not always easy, that's the fun of it... Don't worry, if your time is up and you haven't found the way to get out, we will open the door and let you out and you can get together with your loved ones. BOOKING REQUIRED