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About Us

Tiffany Nainkin is full-time professional photographer based in Los Angeles. She began her career by completing her degree in Photojournalism and Sociology from the University of Miami. This was followed by post-graduate training at the Brooks Institute of Photography, which provided her Wwith a strong technical background.

She has achieved a remarkable level of success in a short period of time. Her corporate clients thus far have included Elle, Cosmopolitan, Premier, Miami Metro, Angelino, Beverly Hills Magazine, Bride World, and the infamous Bay Watch TV show. Celebrities have included Dustin Hoffman, Hayden Christiansen and Amanda Bynes.

Tiffany strongly believes that every client has different requirements, and her primary goal is to determine what these are and to deliver a most satisfying result. Her talent and experience adequately guide those who need artistic direction. Lastly, she aims to make the photographic experience a fun and exciting memory in its own right.

“… I think it’s the chemistry of truth, emotion, timing and light; it needs to be cutting-edge enough to be interesting, yet classic enough to be timeless...”