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About Us

Customized Entertainment for Your Celebration
  • Time Warp offers customized entertainment for your celebration.  There are no prepackaged song selections—all the music is selected based on YOUR tastes, your guests’ responses and proven winners.  Music is my passion and my goal is to provide you with the experience  that YOU have envisioned.
  • Time Warp is a single system operation.  This means that I will be your DJ.
  • Security: Everything will be in writing.  A small deposit secures the date and is applied to your balance.  I work hard to make sure I NEVER double book and I ALWAYS show up on time.
  • I carry thousands of selections ranging from big band, jazz, oldies, 70’s-90’s, Country, and the current hits.  I try to ensure that you have all your special songs.
  • I use only professional sound and lighting equipment to provide you with continuous crystal clear music.I am volume sensitive to your guests.
  • I draw on over twenty years of experience to help you organize your event.  I know what works.
    I can offer you guidance in not only selecting music, but also organizing the activities to create a smooth, continuous stream of events and music that keep your guests entertained and having so much fun that they hope it will never end!