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About Us

 Your wedding is a very special event!
It is not a "job" to be trusted to just anyone.
Between the venue, the dress, the cake,
the flowers; your wedding is a huge investment.
You want every detail to be perfect. Thats why you
need a photographer who can turn your
special day into a work of art.

 I don't have packages with only a certain
number of hours or only certain features.
I'll be there from the start of the day to the end. You
never have to watch the clock or rush through
things. It's your special day, and you deserve
everything I have to offer as a photographer.

 As an added bonus, not only do I take photos,
I will also record video clips throughout the day.
These moving photos are recorded in full 1080p
HD. You will receive a special slideshow on DVD
with photos and video that you can play on
your TV! This is a great keepsake for your family,
especially if you don't want or can not afford
a videographer. Best of all, this service
is INCLUDED! (Presentation will be available
on Blu-Ray in full 1080p HD very soon!)

 I represent the best value in wedding photography!
No other photographer offers as much for the
money. Just take a look below and see for yourself.

Included with every wedding:

-Engagement Photo Session
    Engagement photos are a great opportunity for
    you to get comfortable in front of my camera
    before your big day. It is also a great chance for
    us to get to know each other a little better. Plus,
    engagement photos are great for save the dates,
    invitations, wedding favors, and reception

-Unlimited Coverage on Day of Wedding
    That means I will arrive early to capture all the
    details before the ceremony, and stay until
    everything is said and done. You don't have to
    rush anything, I'm not going to leave until I
    capture every precious moment!

    Each and every photo will be retouched
    individually. I fix things like color, contrast,
    lighting, brightness, crop. I also make sure
    every photo is straight as an arrow and sharp
    as a tack! I take my time so that your photos
    look as amazing as you do!

-Video Clips Recorded Throughout the Day
    Video clips are recorded in full 1080p HD.
    So even if you don't have a videographer,
    you can still have memories that move!
    The video clips will be included in your
    slideshow movie (see below for more).

-All High Resolution photos on DVD (Color)
    You will receive all your photos in its full
    resolution (over 21 megapixles!), and ready
    to be printed. That includes all your engagement
    photos as well. You will have the rights to print
    them wherever and whenever you please!

-All High Resolution photos on DVD (B&W)
    You will also receive every photo in black and
    white. Great for adding variety to your wall or

-Facebook Sized photos for Easy Online Sharing
    Profile Pic! You get all your photos sized and
    ready to be uploaded to Facebook or any
    other website. With the photos pre-sized for you,
    they will upload 30x faster than full photos. That
    means less time waiting, and more time tagging
    your friends!

-Online Gallery
    Your photos will be uploaded to my website for
    you and your loved ones to see and share with
    ease. Plus, your privacy is protected. Only
    people you know will have the password to
    get in.

-Photos for Friends and Family
    Your friends and family will be able to get
    their own copies of the photos. That way they
    won't try to steal yours! Guests will have the
    opportunity to order prints right at the reception,
    so they won't even have to bug you for
    my contact information!

-Photo/Video Slideshow with Music
    A precious keepsake for you and your family.
    Comes on DVD that you can play on your TV!
    A beautiful moving album that will make you
    both cry and laugh out loud. Will soon be
    available on Blu-Ray in full 1080p HD.
    Looks amazing on your big flat screen!

-Photos Archived for LIFE
    If you ever misplace your photos, get a new
    disk free of charge. I have never deleted a single
    photo and I never will!

-Print Release
    You will have the ability to make your own
    prints.You will receive a form that will allow you to
    go to any store and make your own prints. Of
    course, you always have the option of buying
    professional quality prints right from my website,
    but you are under absolutly no obligation to
    buy from me!

-Affordable Professional Prints
    You will have the option of ordering professional
    prints right from my website. You can also order
    frames and beautiful canvas wraps as well. My
    print prices are far cheaper than most

-Referral Bonus
    After your wedding, if you refer a couple to me,
    I will send you a very special gift valued at $100,
    just as a way to say THANK YOU for being

-Discounts on Future Photo Sessions
    First comes love, then comes marriage,
    then you need to hire a photographer for
    the baby in the baby carriage! There is
    nothing I enjoy more than getting to tell every
    party of a family's story from marriage, to baby,
    to graduation, and beyond! Get at least 33% off
    all future photo sessions for you and your family.
    (If you want to do a trash the dress session, you
    can count on at least 50% off!)

Thanks for your consideration!
I can't wait to hear from you!

I am available for more than just weddings!
I can do parties, portraits, and everything in between!

Head over to the contact page to inquire
about my other services!



Excellent photographer! Always pays attention details and is so much fun! I wouldn't trade the photographs

Aug 27, 2012

Beautiful pictures Tim...so glad you will be photographing my daughter. You are amazing.

Aug 26, 2012

Go Tim!!! :) Best Photographer ever!

Aug 24, 2012

Timothy is extremely talented and such a great guy to work with....

Aug 23, 2012


Mar 10, 2012

Lovin it!

Mar 08, 2012