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About Us

Sometimes, I hire house cleaners while Lisa is at work, and take the credit.

Poetry must be read aloud, and only to someone you love.

True romance is sharing stories with Lisa while she’s in the bath.

My honey do list takes as long as my favorite NPR program. I pretend to work longer so I can enjoy more of This American Life.

Jazz music must be experienced live.

Whenever Lisa goes to sleep early, I eat the stash of ice cream hidden in the back of the freezer.

After running out of sugar at home, I grab a handful from the condiment bar at Starbucks.

A borrowed dish should always be returned full.

Coffee is an invitation to discover the experiences of others.

Anything crafted by hand is pure. Charm is in its imperfection.

How something feels is more important than how it works.

TJ Romero | Wedding Photographer