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About Us

Make a Statement in Style.
The wedding planner of choice for today's savvy brides, Tom brings an unmatched level of expertise, high-end creativity, and warmth to the entire process.

Distinctive or offbeat, sophisticated or whimsical, Tom creates flawlessly flowing events that represent your own personal style.

Entirely Yours.
From orchestral conductor to wedding planner

Tom Desmond offers couples a wonderful menu of personal touches, money saving secrets, and unique ideas. His exquisite taste and creativity ensures your wedding is one to be long remembered.

Prior to finding his passion as a wedding planner Tom directed twelve Broadway and Las Vegas style review shows for Carnival Cruise Lines (specializing in custom staging and directing 15-piece orchestras), managed two high-end entertainment firms, and held a position as Senior Financial Analyst for a NYC law firm. His vast experience in entertainment, finance, and managing large teams enables Tom to think quickly and creatively, and take the right actions to produce perfect results.

For Your Piece of Mind.
Planning a wedding is a 12 month task, so how would you like to spend the next 52 weekends of your engagement?

a.) stressing out/running around like crazy dealing with wedding stuff or...
b.) going to brunch, walking in the park, going to a museum, hitting the beach, playing with your nephew, visiting friends, catching up on some reading, breathing in a yoga class...?

If you answered b, and you would like to enjoy your engagement... congratulations, you are in the right place!