Escenica Las Brisas, s/n Guitarron
Acapulco, Guerrero
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About Us

Tony's Asian Bistro, is a small and romantic Restaurant with a spectacular view of Acapulco Bay. Chef Erik Nguyen, is a graduate from Scoffier Institute in France, he has worked with former French President Francois Miterrand, Harrison Ford and Catherine Deneuve and worked with Paul Bocusse and Trois Gros, to name a few. This ¨enfant terrible¨ de la cuisine Francais, has created a French Asian Fusion that will impress everybody with his inspirations. His Duck Magret with Raspberry Sauce and his rack of Lamb Saigon, will make you feel in a different Continent. The wine list includes the top labels that any 3 star Restaurant will boast at fair prices. A restaurant of this level has been overdue in Acapulco. The place is open and surrounded by vegetation and Palm trees that create a fresh and relaxed atmosphere. Service is impecable. There is a set menu plus a daily fresh one with the most fresh ingredients available on that day. All this plus reasonable prices make Tony's Asian Bistro a must during your stay at this famed resort.