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About Us

Prices:  $300 - $450 -- Depending on City Location

     Top Louisiana DJ provides affordable and professional DJ services for weddings and parties in the major cities of New Orleans, Baton Rouge, and Lafayette Louisiana and all rural nearby areas at the LOWEST prices possible... without sacrificing HIGH quality.

Why Choose Top Louisiana DJ?

    1)  We advertise our pricing up front, no “add-on” extra charges of any kind.  No “packages.”  All clients pay the same price -- which covers up to 4 hours of actual DJ playing time.   Travel time and equipment setup/take-down times are already covered in our pricing.  Our LOW rate covers both ceremony and reception when they fit into a “standard” 4-hour period… no matter what variables exist.          

    2)  Clients may choose their play list of songs for their event, ensuring they get the music they desire.

    3)  We use VERY simply-worded contracts and tout a 10-year, 100% reliability record.  We always bring ‘back-up” equipment to ensure performance reliability.

    4)  We are purposely a small firm, to ensure HIGH quality!  We have ONLY two DJs, both family members… each with a personal “stake” in the firm’s success and future.  We EACH have 10 years of wedding/party DJ experience and are EQUALLY capable, never sending a young “novice” to ANY event.

    5)  We professionally Emcee wedding reception or party activities using a top-notch wireless microphone (i.e. Bride/Groom Dance, Bouquet/Garter Toss, etc.).  We also provide a wireless “clip-on” microphone for officiants to use, so that guests can properly hear the words at a client’s wedding ceremony.

    6)  We store and play ONLY the CLEAN versions of all the latest hits as they are released.  We subscribe to a “DJ Only” internet firm that provides the clean “radio play” versions to us on a monthly basis.

    7)  Incomparable sound quality – two EXACT DJ systems worth $10,000 each ($20,000 total).  Both of our DJ systems are top-notch, custom-built, expertly-balanced systems that produce a very mellow and full-bodied sound -- never “squawky” or harsh-sounding.  These identical DJ systems are the BEST… period.

    8)  VERY impressive lighting system worth $2,000 -- controlled by a laptop computer and used with proper discretion.  This system is optional at No Extra Charge!

   10)  Laptop computer generates the music for super-fast song searching to quickly fulfill guest requests.

   11)  VERY efficient vehicles that allow us to easily cover a large travel radius, yet help maintain LOW pricing for our clients.

   12)  Top DJ is a professional DJ firm. Our DJs do NOT drink alcohol.  We dress appropriately for all events.

   13)  We are extremely easy-to-reach by email or cell phone and respond very quickly.  We book as far as a year or more ahead, so call as early as possible.

   14)  Top DJ’s website provides additional information and photos (song lists, etc)…

Our Mission:

     To provide the highest quality DJ Service imaginable in central and southern Louisiana areas at an unbeatable price, allowing clients to retain funds to use for other important areas of their event, while ensuring a professional, organized demeanor is maintained... and assuring that all participants "have a good time"!!