About Us

TotebagFactory.com is an online store of TotebagFactory, a manufacturer, supplier and wholesaler of bags. The factory was established in Los Angeles since 1984 and it has been supplying to companies, small businesses and individuals. The online store has various types of bags in its inventory. They include gift bags, wedding welcome bags, cheap tote bags, wholesale backpacks, wholesale drawstring bags, duffle bags, canvas tote bags, lunch bags/ coolers, messenger bags / briefcases and specialty bags. We have a variety of bags to meet all your needs. Could it be for carrying books, your laptop or for going to the gym?  The bags are categorized into: Wholesale tote bags- they are categorized by material where we have cotton tote bags, non-woven tote bags and polyester tote bags. Their price range from under $ 1, between $ 1-3, $3 -$5, and those valued at $5 and above.

Back packs are categorized into school backpacks and kids or junior backpacks. They are in different colors and style and this will give your children a variety to choose from at an affordable price. There are simple bags and luxurious bags depending with your needs. They come with pockets that are zipped so that you can store your books and other essentials such as keys and phone.

We also have drawstring bags or cinch bags, which are in many styles and colors. They are convenient for carrying sports gear for the gym or for carrying books. Some wholesale drawstring bags have mesh fabric, which makes them appropriate for carrying sportswear from the gym or from swimming. The other type of drawstring bags are heavy canvas made of cotton. These can be used for carrying heavy laundry due to their thick straps, which are wide. Other bags include promotional tote bags and personalized tote bags.

Shipping and returns

We ship the products immediately we receive your order. This ensures that you enjoy the benefits of the bags as soon as possible. We also accept returns for goods that have not been used if returned within 60 days with the packaging.

Customer service

We have live online customer service to enable you to reach us with your questions, comments and feedback. You can also reach us using the contact form on the website.

Please see our website, Browse our large selection of welcome tote bags for your guests. Hudreds of cheap tote bags, wholesale gift bags, drawstring bags are available at http://totebagfactory.com/