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About Us

Towne Park is dedicated to greeting all guests in grand fashion, treating your wedding like it’s the event of a lifetime — because it is.  

When a guest arrives at your wedding, the greeting sets the tone. Even the best planned ceremony can be diminished by a poor first impression.

That’s why your guests need to be welcomed by the superior and engaging approach of Towne Park’s event management professionals!

  • Staff your event with pleasant, neatly groomed associates outfitted in sharp, clean and professional uniforms
  • Perform a site evaluation at your venue of choice
  • Help you develop a detailed arrival plan for your event
  • Provide a cost estimate and contract for your review
  • Give you a copy of our certificate of insurance for the event

What begins well, ends well.  Towne Park’s event management staff will give you the peace of mind that your guests will be treated like royalty from start to finish… and if the arrival sets the stage, the departure most certainly seals the memory.