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About Us

Custom Bridal Gowns: At Tracy Gail Custom Dress and Tailoring, we are professional tailors and dressmakers with over 25 years of experience. Using a blend
of multinational talent and a passion for excellence we create gowns that many brides spend years dreaming about.

Whether your wedding is traditional or barefoot on the beach we encourage your participation in all stages of the design process To create the wedding gown of your
dreams. Your vision and our skill results in a one of a kind gown of breathtaking loveliness.

Heirlooms: If you are fortunate enough to have, and to choose to wear, an heirloom dress, we take special pride in working with these very delicate pieces. Minor alterations, or slight design changes which may involve matching fabric and lace are taken care of making every effort to maintain the authenticity of the dress itself.

Alterations: if you have found the almost perfect dress in a retail store we offer our expert alteration services to go from ‘almost’ to faultless perfection for both you and
your bridesmaid’s in as little as 7 – 10 days

Bridesmaids and Mother of the Bride/Grooms: How to please multiple personalities in multiple sizes? You may find that with unlimited fabric and design of choice you will have many more options than with store bought dresses.

Accessories: As a finishing touch we also offer a range of accessories for you and your bridesmaids. We carry jewelry in a choice of jewel and pearl colors and a wide
variety of styles, shoes of every heel height and the finest undergarments for a figure-flattening silhouette.


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