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About Us

My name is Christie Sears Thompson and I am a Marriage and Family Therapist educated, trained, and registered in the state of Colorado. I use this foundational knowledge as a systemic therapist to work with couples specifically for marriage preparation and enhancement.

The Prepare/Enrich model is a supplementary tool I use in my practice that helps premarital and already married couples open up further discussion about areas of relationship stress such as communication, intimacy, finances, children, and more.

I am also trained under Drs. John and Julie Gottman's couple therapy methods as well and find that it is effective for helping couples to achieve higher levels of happiness and satisfaction with their relationships because it comes from the perspective of friendship and mutual connection being the base of the relationship.

In our time together, we will discuss areas of your relationship such as:

  • Affection / Sex / Love
  • Raising Children / Parenting
  • Financial Management
  • Each Other's Families of Origin
  • Communication
  • Conflict Management

Other things you should know:

Sessions are usually 90 minutes long and scheduled weekly. Because every couples' needs are different, I do not prescribe a certain amount of required sessions. I do not allow children in couples therapy sessions because I find it distracts the couple from progressing and being completely open in therapy. Therefore, please make arrangements for childcare before each session. This same policy goes for animals that are not certified for service purposes. I have a strict policy that both members need to attend all couples therapy sessions unless otherwise agreed upon. If one person is not able to attend, we will need to reschedule to a date and time where both people are able to attend together. Lastly, I tend to have a "no secrets" policy and do not converse separately with either person without the other's knowledge. This basically means anything you plan to say to me, plan to say it to your partner as well.