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About Us

Never before has there been so many choices in photographers. We are chosen over other photographers for our honesty, commitment to excellence, superior customer service and our award winning photography.  

Stunning yet Relaxed Images
By bringing together exceptional creativity and skill behind the camera, we'll capture the events, emotions, and details of your wedding with style - and without adding stress or distraction to your big day. But our top-notch service doesn't stop there. We also leverage our extensive technical expertise behind the computer to refine each image to its very best, and then we put the cherry on top with one of our beautiful, custom-designed albums.

The importance of your wedding photos can't be understated! After the food, flowers and music are long gone, your photos remain. In time, once your memories have grown fuzzy, you will depend on your photos to help you relive the people, the beauty, the laughter and the tears that you experienced on your wedding day. Our photos, bound into a luxury album, will become an heirloom for you and for your future generations.

We provide amazingly comprehensive and variety-rich coverage of your wedding. 

We utilize a photojournalistic approach and keep a low profile so that our photos feel alive and real, and so that you and your guests aren't distracted or made uncomfortable by our cameras. We will take a few moments aside through out the day to gracefully guide a particular moment to capture stunning artistic images.

Having served Central California's most discerning brides and grooms, we have the knowledge, experience, and equipment to capture amazing images under even the most challenging conditions.

Flawless Photo Editing
Once your wedding's over, our work is just beginning. We apply cutting-edge Photoshop work to each and every one of the hundreds of photos we give you. It's an incredibly time-consuming process that makes a huge difference in quality.

Ironically, we don't like our photos to look "Photoshopped" by applying effects that will date themselves. We just want our color photos to look vibrant, and our black and white photos to pop with detail. If it was as simple as it sounds, everyone would do it. It takes a lot of skill and time, but your wedding photos deserve nothing less.

Beautiful Albums & Products
What good are amazing wedding photos if they never see the light of day? Our wedding photos don't stay trapped on a CD for long. We utilize the most elite album companies and our own design expertise to create gorgeous storybooks that elevate individual photos to a collective work of art.

We also offer prints on aluminum panels, clear acrylic sheets and stretched canvases that are both wedding photos and artwork for your home.

Devoted Customer Support
We're happy to draw from our wealth of experience to offer advice and advance planning that will help ensure that you'll get the photos you crave. We pride ourselves on delivering cheerful customer service- before, during and after your wedding day.

We make it easy for you to share your wedding photos with friends and family across the world by uploading your photos to a private website gallery hosted right off the Troy Wegner photography website.
Based in California, we also offer destination wedding services.