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About Us

Truly Yours Catering is a company that was started by it's founder and owner, Chris Adlesh 16 years ago. He started a small company and has nurtured it to grow and accomplish over 350 weddings a year, a corporate division that provides daily food service at all meal times, and now an in-flight catering division for private jets around LA's airports.

Chris has always tried to incorporate the "thinking GREEN" philosophy throughout the years. He began by realizing that if he bought his own equipment, it would not only be more cost efficient on the brides and grooms, but also better for the environment. It would mean accomplishing an event without having twenty different companies and trucks all showing up to do one event. By purchasing his own equipment, from kitchen equipment to tables, chairs, linens etc... and hiring his own staff- and training them as a team- not hiring from outside vendors- the company grew more efficient, service improved, everything became uniform, there was a loyalty that grew from the employees, and all the while saving money for the clients. What this means is that Truly Yours can offer a higher level of quality, using fresh ingredients, not canned, and organic as much as possible. Also meaning- that our food is not only tastier- but healthier! Over time Truly Yours has grown to offer even more services to our clients.

We offer and share our top vendors for them through a special link that will connect them with any of our vendors instantaneously! We have a weekly blog that covers every aspect of wedding planning. And we try to photograph at least two weddings a weekend which helps all of our future brides not only see the locations but also preview different styles of decor. For this we have also earned the titled of preferred caterer throughout many of LA's top wedding venues!

All of this service and good food and a pleasant atmosphere is what we strive for on an everyday basis. Truly Yours Catering has a 30 page menu with all different styles of cuisine for our clients to choose from. We encourage customization and individuality, not only in the menu, but in the decor, and atmosphere of the event.

Truly Yours has a commitment to excellence- for one simple reason, we enjoy what we do and we are always looking forward to passing our joy on to our clients!