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About Us

The single most important day of your life deserves to be the best and at Turner Memories we are committed to making it the best.  Weddings, families, friends can all add stress to the planning of your wedding.  Turner Memories can act as a positive buffer during the planning process.

We offer three solutions from you to choose from, the SILVER, GOLD & PLATINUM package as well as a destination wedding package.



This package is for the bride and groom who have a full grasp of the planning, but really need the help of Turner Memories on the day of their wedding.

  • Rehearsal
  • Unlimited Email & phone conversatons 



Full day coverage of you wedding, oversite of ALL onsite set up of reception and ceremony locations, vendor payments, oversite of all aspects of wedding day activities, including ceremony and reception.  Turner Memories will contact all vendors associated with the day of your wedding.



This package is for the bride and groom who know what they way want, but need Turner Memories to put the pieces in place.  The bride and groom have already selected a date, reception and ceremony locations.

  • Plannnig Assistance
  • Vendor Selection (assist in the selection of vendors)
  • Unlimited Email & phone conversations
  • 2-3 face to face meetings not including initial consultation
  • Day Of Coordination


What is Planning ASSISTANCE?  Planning assistance is where we meet with the bride and groom and determine their needs and based on their needs create a timeline of tasks that have to be completed by their due date. 



This package is for the bride and groom who need FULL wedding planning from start to finish.  Turner Memories will come in usually before they have even chose a date or started planning.

  • Unlimited email & phone conversations
  • Unlimited face to face meetings


FULL WEDDING PLANNING?  Full wedding planning is where Turner Memories will assist the bride and groom in ALL aspects of planning a wedding including ceremony & reception location selection & planning, vendor selection, out of town guest coordination, travel arrangements, bridal shower planning, rehearsal dinner planning...


Destination Wedding Package

Want to take your wedding on the road?  Turner Memories will meet with you and discuss all the details of a destination wedding.  We can help you plan all the details associated with a destination wedding.  Want to go to Vegas?  Maybe Jamaca…  Wherever you want to go we will be able to assist with ALL the important details to make sure everything goes without a hitch.  

  • Destination search and planning
  • Hotel, Ceremony, Reception Planning
  • Day of Coordation **
  • Legal planning

As you can imagine getting married outside the United States can be tricky for a number of reasons.  Let Turner Memories be the place to turn to get all the answers to all of your questions.  We work closely with US Customs along with the delegations of other countries to  make sure you get married legally, and follow all laws.

**Day Of Coordination is included in this package with the understanding that the bride and groom cover ALL travel expenses to and from location.**