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About Us

We pride ourselves in always providing quality teeth whitening products and services, and personalized customer service. Feel free to contact us or stop by to find out more. We are conveniently located in the Shawnee Station Shopping Center in Shawnee, Kansas.


White Teeth & Clean Fresh Breath aren't just for the rich and famous. Now you can have the same "attention getting" smile like the stars. That "UltraCare Smile" that everyone is asking about, is fast, easy, and affordable. With every full service a Certified UltraCare Technician whitens your teeth, one tooth at a time. Have you ever been told that you can't have your teeth whitened because you have crowns or braces? At UltraCare there are no trays. We whiten each tooth individually. Over time crowns become dull from surface stains. Bring back the brightness and remove the surface stains with the UltraCare Teeth Whitening System. Even if your crowns are darker than you want your natural teeth to be, teeth on either side of crowns can be shaded to create a great smile that doesn't draw attention to darker crowns, veneers, or dead teeth. Don't let braces prevent you from having the dazzling white teeth you want. Our brush on whitening system is the right teeth whitening for individuals with braces.

Just like other personal services, maintenance is the key to keeping the look one desires. Natural teeth are alive just like skin and hair. When you whiten at UltraCare we instruct you on how to keep your teeth bright and white with our W.O.W daily brushing gel and our UltraCare W.O.W. pen. Any teeth whitening will begin to reverse over time, much like tanning and hair coloring. You can prevent the reversal when you use our daily maintenance products.

Studies have shown that teeth whitening with the right products and light system is actually healthy by reducing the bacteria in your mouth. At UltraCare we use products that are so safe they can be used daily. Let UltraCare whiten your teeth in spa comfort, we even include relaxing hand massages with each of our full-service services.

Contact us today or visit our website at www.ultracarefamily.com for more information!

YOU CAN HAVE THE "UltraCare Smile"