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About Us

My name is Alex S, Talis and I am president of UonDVD Video Productions based in Plano, Texas.

  • How important is the wedding video for you?
  • What would you pay to see your parents or grandparents wedding video if it was available?

I always ask my clients or potential clients these questions because we at UonDVD Video Productions, would like you to have the ability to show your wedding film on DVD to your future children and grandchildren.

Please visit our website at www.uondvd.com/weddings where you will find a lot of valuable information and video samples that you can view right now on our showroom.

I know you will be pleased with our company. You will have one of a kind DVD cover and DVD label that we produce for our clients. There are no sticky labels on our DVD's. We print the art work directly on DVD. See examples of our DVD's on our website.

Your final wedding story film will be truly a cinematic experience that you will cherish for a lifetime. We are creating motion menus, chapters, etc… We have the latest broadcast video gear, and wireless audio equipment, and we can film your event with one, two, or three cameras and operators. UonDVD Video Productions is located in Plano, Texas but we love to travel and you may find out that our travel fees are very reasonable.

Give us a call and experience UonDVD Video Productions courteous staff and friendly services. Let's get together for a free wedding video consultation and we will answer every question that you may have.

Director & Producer, Alex S. Talis
UonDVD Video Productions