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About Us

I WANT to be invited your wedding! When you are shopping for your photographer, somebody should say this, don't you think?

Do you like what you see? Are you mentally attracted to the photographer? Are the services available, and is the price right? Oh sure! But do they really want to?

I do!

You're gonna say it, shouldn't your photographer?

This is only the biggest day of your life, and we are in charge of the visual memories. Not something often trusted to Uncle Sal!

Like finding that one in a million love, I like being 'the one' photographer. I love what I do. I get hand picked from hundreds of photographers to be 'the one', and I get to do for a living, what many do for a hobby: take pictures! I'd be lying if I said it was all fun, all the time, but I've yet to run into anyone who paves roads, performs surgery, or sells insurance 'for fun'! I love what I do. I'd better if I'm gonna be at your wedding!