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About Us


thank you so much for taking the time to look around our site. we certainly understand that a website is not the most convenient place to get to know us and would love the opportunity to buy you a coffee or drink some time! don't live in denver?? let's skype!

probably the hardest thing you could ask us to do is write an about page for our website, (yep, this is really difficult). we're not good at talking about ourselves and would rather spend our time learning about you. again.... coffee?? one thing we can say about ourselves is that we love what we do and can't imagine doing any thing else. we love telling stories and trying to see things from a new perspective. being invited to shoot a wedding is such an honor and one we don't take lightly. It's one of the most beautiful and unique days in the Story, capital S, of a couple's life together and deserves to be captured and re-told in a beautiful and unique way.

have a story that needs told? get in touch with us! we'd love to answer any questions you have and get you any info you need. so feel free to write us at hello@velare.tv any time!

we look forward to getting to know you,

Tim Twinem