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San Francisco, CA 94123
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About Us

In July of 2007, Maria and Robyn were at the same BBQ. Maria saw the way Robyn piled on the pickle relish, and was smitten. They instantly started chatting about bad photos, good husbands, and the way Flax Art Supply can turn them on. A week later, counter to what any smart business book would advise, Robyn asked Maria if she wanted to open a studio together. After being utterly freaked out by this complete stranger practically wanting to marry her, Maria said “Totally!”

The original plan was to keep their businesses separate, just share the space. But they started accompanying each other on weddings- just for fun- and after a few of those, concluded they could never go back to working alone.

Joining forces has freed them up to focus on their individual strengths. They challenge and inspire each other and create wedding collections that are out of this world!

They have been shooting together, making fun of each other, and talking in the 3rd person ever since.