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About Us

Your personal Love Story will create wonderful emotions at your wedding for you and your guests and it will be something you will cherish forever.

Love Stories get to the true essence of who you are, why you love each other, and what matters most in life.

Video Love Stories was created by award winning commercial video producer, director, and cinematographer, Jimmy Sammarco (www.eastsidefilms.tv). It started as a favor for a friend. However, the reaction was so overwhelming, requests started pouring in.

Each Video Love Story is given very personal attention. No one's story is the same. Mr. Sammarco meets with each couple, spends some time with them, and really gets to know them

Here is what some of our customers have to say:

"The guests at our wedding reception were amazed by what they saw and heard. The presentation had them transfixed. Six months later we still hear comments about how impressed they were with the video. It is something that leaves a lasting impression - a highlight of the reception."

"Guests that I hardly knew came up to me afterwards and said they felt they really knew me because of the video."

"Our story involved separate interviews that were meshed together flawlessly. When played at our reception, it not only surprised us, but our guests as well. It really gave our guests a background as to how we came to our special day."

A limited number of Video Love Stories will be scheduled this season. Call today to schedule and appointment.

Thank you for your interest in Video Love Stories.