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About Us

Jack O’Laughlin has become one of Baltimore’s most sought after videographers and the reason is simple. Jack has an uncompromising insistence to detail with every Video Vignette he creates, and he never loses sight of how important these special events are in your life. He treats each vignette like it is for himself and his goal is to make sure each client gets exactly what they want.

Special occasions are the golden threads of our lives and to be able to sit back and relive those special moments is a special gift. Imagine being able to hear the sights and sounds of that special day, to revisit the friends and family that came to help you celebrate, and even follow the couple on their honeymoon destination. And it’s all there, captured seamlessly onto a DVD. What could be better . . .

Jack’s no stranger to the world of photography and videography. He cut his teeth in television some 30 odd years ago where he gained experience in both camera and sound work. He never realized that these skills would serve him later, but it provided him with the necessary knowledge he would need to create these wonderful vignettes.

What is a Video Vignette, you ask . . . ?

A Video Vignette is a total culmination of a days’ special events. It includes both still photography and live videotaped film footage, put to the music that you select throughout. All this is placed seamlessly into a presentation that carries you through from start to finish.

For the bride and groom, it could start from the earliest times such as childhood photographs that take you up to the special event. A collection of snapshots and videotaped moments like the ceremony, the first kiss, the first dance, and so on. Toasts, fun moments, family and friends attending with their messages of love, or perhaps that final wave as the couple leaves to embark on their new life together. It’s all up to you . . .

Video Vignette is a special memory captured. It is that special event captured with all the sights and sounds that take you back to the event, time after time. It is your precious moments placed into a presentation that you to keep forever . . .

They say a picture’s worth a thousand words, but the right pictures speak volumes! Jack’s waiting to put that special montage together for your special event! Come visit us on-line at www.videovignette.net.