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Among the many joys of fine wine is that it is meant to be shared. It is our pleasure to share the fruits of our vineyards with you, just as you enjoy sharing them with your friends and family.

The Vinocopia Barrel is a wonderful expression of this philosophy. Rich in history and the stewardship of both our wine and our environment, the barrel also has an interesting story to be shared.

Any wine that is exposed to heat, light or air will quickly lose its unique characteristics. So we were determined to bring our award-winning wines to your wedding event, in a way that best retained the complete and subtle tastes for which our wines are famous.

The result has been a wonderful marriage; not only creating an efficient method to ensure the quality of your wines, but also capturing in a natural, tactile way, the old world vineyard setting in which they are created. The barrel adds a festive touch to your wedding!

The Vinocopia Barrel has many important advantages as a centerpiece of your pre-ceremony events, rehearsal dinner, or wedding reception.

As we all become more sensitive to the environmental impact of our actions, the advantages of serving from wine barrels rather than bottles has become increasingly apparent. More than one billion wine bottles are made each year. Enormous amounts of raw materials, heat and energy are required to manufacture them; and over 70% of them end up in landfills.

The tremendous weight of glass bottles also makes transporting them a hugely energy-consuming practice. The re-usable, recyclable inserts for Vinocopia Barrels have 42% less weight than the same amount of wine in bottles. This form of packaging means fewer greenhouse gasses are created in manufacturing and transportation, a smaller carbon footprint and less landfill waste generated.

Additionally, with no glass, no cork, no foil, no labels and lower shipping weights, the Vinocopia Barrel system allows us to bring the world’s finest wines to you at considerably less expense than if delivered in bottles.

We think knowing your barrel contributes to reduced environmental impact, less waste and a lower cost, will let you enjoy the wine even that much more. Salud! 



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