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About Us

Our goal is to provide the highest level of service and quality possible. Each couple and each wedding is very personal to us. We strive to create something unique and very special in each wedding production we do. We truly love what we do!

Service begins with commitment. We would love to send you our wedding demo package. Watch it with your fiance or family and tell us what you think. Then, I would like to meet with you personally. Tell me about your wedding plans and what you would like your wedding video to be like. Visions doesn't employ a salesperson, I am the first cameraman, editor and owner of Visions Video Productions.

Quality begins with commitment. Two cameramen will attend your entire wedding day. During the ceremony, which will be a "real time" segment of your wedding video, two cameras, with third as a back up will be rolling the entire time. We pride ourselves in our ability to compose beautiful shots and our ability to capture candid images through the use of "low key presence" (please see our FAQ's page on our website) at your wedding. The equipment we use during the event and again during the production of the wedding video is 100% Digital and "state of the art".

This is our promise to you. Your wedding video worries are over. Our commitment to you is firm. We will create a beautiful and personal video memory of your wedding day that you and your families will treasure forever.

Thank you,