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It was the special exhibit of Robert Parkeharrison at the Eastman House in Rochester, with my Uncle Ron, which confirmed for me that a future in photography needed to be inevitable. As much as a nine year old could be in awe, I was in awe. He was explicit and intentional about each shot and somehow forced my Uncle Ron and me to feel exactly how he wanted us to feel: nostalgic, excited, and certainly inspired.


What has continued to motivate me since that day at the museum is my beautiful husband, my ever naughty boxer, and travels to Europe, Latin America, and across my own country. Toes, the tilted chin of a proud graduate, the quiet, satisfied grin from one to another across a dance floor, babies’ yawn, a father’s tears, the groom experiencing the oddity of new jewelery…these are the photos we take.


Yet, though there is nothing more beautiful than the look of adoration in the groom’s eyes at the true laughter and joy on the face of his bride, some of the loveliest photos are staged. Just like Parkeharrison, I use our time together to be intentional about celebrating who you are–the loveliness both inside and out- in a timeless frame of meaningful and unforgettable art. At the end of your shoot, you will find pictures that can be turned into precious prints for above the couch, filled with color, laughter, unique angles, all expressing shear “fun” while also possessing that canvas for above the mantel piece epitomizing class, elegance, and a rich feel of the purely chic.