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About Us

We have been in business for over 30 years and can meet any of your dancing needs. We specialize in all forms of social, exhibition, and competition dancing. Private lessons, group classes and open dancing for everyone. Centrally located just five minutes from downtown.

Group Classes...Group classes are available in the evening Monday through Friday and Sunday afternoons. Both couples and singles are welcome. Classes are very economical and you can learn all the social dances while meeting other people.

Private Lessons...Private lessons are available for couples or singles in all the dances. We work on what you want to during the hour. If you do not like a particular dance you do not have to spend time on it. You can use privates to improve your leading and following skills or work on several dances at the same time. You always learn faster in private lessons.

Special Packages...There are several packages available that save you money. You can buy private lessons, group classes, or a mix of the two. Semi-private lessons are available and can be scheduled with your friends or family. We also have wedding packages to make your special day more special!!!

Personalize...We can personalize the dance steps to your favorite song so your first dance together looks great. Your friends and relatives may not remember everything about your wedding day, but....... they will remember you danced!

First Dance...The couple that can get up and have fun gliding around floor for their first dance will have guests that will enjoy watching them together for the first time as a married couple and will have a wedding video to watch and cherish forever!

Group classes are first come first serve. You do not need to have a partner because we always balance the classes. Once you have taken a class you can repeat it at any time in the future for the reduced repeat price. Please contact us for more information.