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why i love it

I've always liked the idea of capturing a moment in time. Ever since I was young I've thought that a special event or time in a persons life should be captured in a photograph. Just the idea that a picture can bring about certain emotions and memories is an amazing concept to me.

I love working with people. I've served people since my first job working retail. Then I worked at a homeless shelter for quite some time helping men, women, and children. I love meeting new people. If I have a chance to meet new people I always take it. I'm fascinated by what each individual has to say and to see what talents God has given them.

I'm always excited to be a part of someone's life by photographing a memorable event such as a wedding, baptism, or a senior portrait.

I would consider my style as being mostly photo-journalistic. I like to capture things as they happen. I like to capture a person in a moment that is real and not created. That is not to say that if my wife and I are hired for your wedding that you won't get the traditional shots. You will still get all traditional shots, but you will also get a lot more. You'll get a photo story of the event as it unfolds.

Another thing I love about photography is that I get to do it with my beautiful wife. Depending on the event, both my wife and I will be present to photograph from many different viewpoints and angles. She has an amazing artistic eye and she is great at catching things that I miss all together. We complement each other very well. Between the two of us, you will have the most complete coverage available.