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Getting married? Need help in creating your first dance? Specially for your couple I will think over your dance and will prepare it. Choose the music, classic dance or maybe it will be the whole mix both of music and dance with an easy to read storyline. You choose that DANCE, that STYLE which is closer to you. The rest is my work!


It usually takes minimum 5 classes in order to make a dance. So for example during 3-4 weeks we may create, learn and rehearse your individual Wedding Dance.


Whether you need a choreographed wedding dance, few basic dance steps for the night out or a showcase dance performance of a lifetime, you have a unique chance to do this!


Customized first dance choreography based on traditional ballroom dancing styles, including English  and Viennese waltz, tango and foxtrot, rumba, cha cha cha, samba and othe Latin dances.

Now, you have the unique opportunity to learn just like the stars on


Dancing With The Stars!


Only high quality services, quality, distinctive and individual dance in its own way!


Lessons schedule is arranged specifically for your free time!