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As one of San Diego's longest and established premier wedding choreographers in San Diego, Mary can create a first wedding dance that feels like a dream. 

Mary Manzella, has more than 25 years' experience in the San Diego dancing community.  Competing on a national level and winning many championships, doing dance performances in front of audiences of over thousands of people, teaching hundreds of students in her popular dance classes, and choreographing numerous ballroom exhibitions are some of her major accomplishments.  Because of Mary's commitment and dedication, hundreds of San Diego wedding couples have enjoyed a magical first wedding dance, electrifying their families and friends.  Let wedding specialist Mary remove the stress of your first wedding dance. She will coach you to look and feel great during your magical dance!

{ PERSONAL MESSAGE } At this precious time -- the one moment that is the most breathtaking of all -- is your first wedding dance as husband and wife. Let me help you in choreographing your wedding dance that everyone will be talking about for years to come.  From the first dance lesson until your big day, I will create a memorable and enjoyable experience.  I can guarantee that with my personal attention and dedication you and I can make your first wedding dance one of the highlights of your wedding. Because I focus very strongly on leading and following, you will move together as one in dance.

Let me show you how much fun and easy it is to learn and choreograph the first wedding dance of your dreams in a truly private experience.  

Please call me so we can get started by customizing this wonderful experience for you with these easy steps:

  • Customize the wedding dance to your special song.
  • Choreograph a personalized dance with easy patterns so that you glide around the floor with grace and elegance.
  • Teach you styling and technique for a polished performance.
  • You will treasure and enjoy your new dancing skills for a lifetime
So don't leave your first dance to chance. Whether you want to dazzle your family and friends of just able to move gracefully together to the music, I'm committed to help you reach your personal goals.  I look forward forward to meeting you.

For more information call Mary at (619) 229-0141



Mary, Thank you for the dance lesson you taught at the Elks Lodge at the February dance. I tell everyone how a terrific dance teacher you are. You gave me your business card, and I will refer any wedding couples to you. Teresa

Mar 11, 2013