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WeddingMC.org shows Wedding MC's and Brides how to plan and create a FUN and Memorable Wedding Reception.

Hello Beautiful Bride-to-be...

My name is Mark Livingston and I'm happy that you found my listing on mywedding.com

I know how stressful planning a wedding - as well as a reception - can be.

And I know that when everything is finished, you'll have invested thousands of dollars to make your day a special one.

One that will be filled with wonderful memories that last a lifetime.

The last thing you want is to have your special day ruined by a novice Wedding MC.

That’s why I’m here to help you and your Wedding MC create and plan a FUN and Memorable time for you, your husband, and your guests.

You see, I want you and your new husband to have the time of your life with those who are closest to you.

Better still, you can save money by creating a reception to remember by having my popular and comprehensive Guide, How To Be A FUN Wedding MC by your side...instead of hiring a professional Master of Ceremonies.

How To Be A FUN Wedding MC has been used by hundreds of Wedding MC's around the world to plan and create a FUN reception.

Let me tell you a little more about my popular Guide…

Because the Master of Ceremonies plays a key role during the reception, How To Be A FUN Wedding MC is specifically designed for the novice or first-time Wedding MC who has little or no experience planning or directing a wedding reception agenda. It includes… - Wedding MC duties so the master of ceremonies knows what to do - The wedding reception timeline to guide the emcee from start to finish - How to create the reception agenda so the emcee has a "blueprint" of the reception - Detailed checklists for key events so important details aren't overlooked - Preparation forms to help the emcee plan fun introductions and guest activities - Word-for-word scripts including the Opening Speech This is a hands-on Guide the emcee can put to use immediately and has been designed for ease of use. It's specifically written for the Wedding MC who will be conducting a reception in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, United States, South Africa, United Kingdom, the Caribbean, and English speaking countries in Europe.

How To Be A FUN Wedding MC includes Reception Games, Reception Timeline, Reception Agenda, Wedding MC Scripts, Tips & More for the Novice Wedding Emcee Who Wants to Create a Fun Reception.


How To Be A FUN Wedding MC comes with 5 FREE Exclusive Bonuses to turn a reception into a celebration:

Exclusive Bonus #1 - Wedding MC's Secret List Of FUN Ideas Your Wedding MC will be wearing a number of "hats" at your reception - as organizer, co-ordinator, and - most importantly - Entertainment Director. And it's how your master of ceremonies brings the party to life and creates a fun time for you, your groom, and your guests that will be most remembered about your reception. The Wedding MC's Secret List of FUN Ideas is a select group of powerful party, entertainment, and group activity ideas that help your Wedding MC elevate a normal wedding reception to a memorable event.

There's no guessing "what to do." It's all laid out for you and your Weddng MC: More than 50 ideas, games, and activities for adults (and children, too) that turn the reception into a fun and memorable time.

It includes indoor activities, outdoor activities, and even activities the kids can participate in if there are children at your reception!Exclusive Bonus #2 - Wedding MC's Secret To Creating A FUN Wedding Reception You and your Wedding MC will have instant access to these little-known secrets from the Wedding MC's “bag of tricks” when you download How To Be A FUN Wedding MC. In this concisely written report, your Wedding MC will discover the 6 Key Areas that have the greatest impact for creating an amazing reception and a fun celebration. Of course, each one of these Key Areas by itself can have an impact on the reception. But combined they can become the "secret formula" for creating a memorable occasion for you, your husband, and your guests.Exclusive Bonus #3 - The Complete Step-by-Step Blueprint Of The Highly Entertaining "Just Married" Game The "Just Married" game is a popular and highly entertaining game enjoyed by the wedding guests and your Wedding MC will have a step-by-step blueprint on how to organize it to make it even more fun.Exclusive Bonus #4 - A Sample Skit That Can Be Modified And Used As Part Of The Wedding Reception Entertainment Many Wedding MC's need ideas to boost the “fun factor” - especially when it comes to keeping things entertaining. That's why we created this short skit to get your emcee's “creative juices” flowing. Your emcee can use it as is, modify it, or create an original skit from the ideas found in this delightful fairytale that's sure to get some laughs.

Exclusive Bonus #5 - Sample Wedding Reception Agendas or Run Sheets I've included 5 MORE sample Wedding Reception Agendas or Run Sheets you and your Wedding MC can use to model your own Wedding Agenda - whether it's a short afternoon reception or a long evening reception.

How To Be A FUN Wedding MC isn't used just by the Master of Ceremonies. The bride-to-be and the mother-of-the-bride, in particular, see this as a valuable wedding planning resource as they create a fun celebration for their guests.

My clearly laid out Guide shows MCs and Brides how to save hundreds - even thousands - of dollars by doing it themselves and how to turn their reception into a FUN celebration for a fraction of the cost of hiring a professional MC.

As the bride-to-be trying to create a wonderful memory on your special day, don't let an unprepared Wedding MC turn your special day into a disaster.

You're invited to take a moment to click on the following link to see how my comprehensive Guide - How To Be A FUN Wedding MC - can help you and your Wedding MC create a FUN reception!

How To Be A FUN Wedding MC: http://WeddingMC.org/wedding-emcee.html

The Bride's Guide To A FUN Reception: http://WeddingMC.org/wedding-emcee-bride-guide.html

I wish you every joy and happiness on your special day!


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