About Us

The concept for Weddings to Go Key West™ came as a result of our own wedding(s). We decided to get married twice, once in New England where we lived at the time, and once in Key West where we hoped to eventually live and luckily for us, we now do!

We’ve seen so many couples STRESS OUT about their weddings and end up not enjoying the day at all. We didn’t want that to happen to us, so we opted to put together the most simple but fun wedding.

Our first wedding in New England was held at our home and was a backyard barbecue for about 20 family members and friends. One of the guests said it was the best wedding she had ever been to, and that if she ever got married she wanted hers to be exactly the same way…simple and stress free. The best part was that we never told anyone we were getting married! It was that element of surprise that made it so much fun for everybody.

Our second wedding for our family that lives here in Key West was at Sunset at Fort Zachary Taylor Park at “our” spot. Very simple, with only a few family members in attendance. Dinner later, at one of Key West’s finest restaurants with special entertainment just for us capped off our evening. (Simple, and yet those that attended still talk about it fondly today.)

It was at that spot at Ft. Zachary Taylor just a few years later that Weddings To Go Key West™ was conceived.

Our wedding packages aren’t for everyone. They’re designed for those couples who want to concentrate on the marriage…and not just the “wedding”.

We’ve had lots of experience with weddings, as a Town Clerk and Justice of the Peace in Massachusetts, as a wedding photographer and of course, with our own weddings. We’re both Notaries Public and Wedding Officiants in the State of Florida. Eileen is a CWP ( Certified Wedding Planner ) through the Wedding Planning Institute.

We will personalize your ceremony for you, if you’d like. No two couples are alike and no two ceremonies should be, either.

Our prices are among the most reasonable you’ll find on this tropical paradise island. Give us a call anyday, anytime, and let’s talk about it.

Short notice? Never a problem! We’re ready whenever you are!