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About Us

Greetings, congratulations & best wishes for your upcoming wedding ceremony!

My name is Reverend George Herzog. My primary function, by choice, as an interfaith minister has always been as wedding officiant.

I welcome couples of all faiths, races, and belief systems, from totally non-denominational to any degree of any religion. This is in accord with my own philosophies and world views, which require love, friendship, and respect for each other as the main requirements for marriage.

Overall, if you are of different faiths or races; if you are of the same faith but are not desirous of a traditional "religious" ceremony, which could be provided by your minister of your place of worship; if you want a spiritual, romantic, or civil ceremony; if you want a part in creating your own ceremony (with help from me wherever needed or requested), if you want to hold the ceremony at any location of your choice, indoors or outdoors; if any of the above applies to you, then I am here for you.

I have officiated approximately three hundred ceremonies, and treated each one as the individual and special occasion that it was. I do this by offering the following:

  • initial email or telephone consultation
  • complimentary meeting in person
  • all help in creating the ceremony exactly according to your wishes
  • all information about and handling and mailing of-the marriage license
  • the promise of a personal, heartfelt, clearly organized and delivered ceremony

A sense of humor helps, too. I am middle-aged, experienced, and handle each couple's wedding in a mature and responsible manner, and appreciate the couple having the same integrity.