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You and your fiancé have invested so much into your wedding day; you may be surprised how affordable it is to protect it with wedding insurance. WedSafe® offers two wedding insurance products that can come to your wedding investments rescue:

Wedding Liability Insurance: Are you getting married at an unconventional venue like a park, museum, historic mansion or private estate? Some of these venues require couples to purchase wedding liability insurance. This coverage also protects you in the event of injuries, property damage or alcohol-related accidents.

Wedding Cancellation/Postponement Insurance: If circumstances beyond your control force you to postpone or cancel your wedding, this coverage provides reimbursement for losses and expenses, such as severe weather, sudden illness, no-show vendors, damage to attire, photos or gifts and more!

You wouldn’t drive around in your dream car without insurance, so why risk your dream wedding without it? WedSafe is affordable, easy and fast – get your quote today!



Never thought about this before - BUT with all of the disasters recently this would be a great security blanket!!

Dec 18, 2012